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Tufts Ticket Contract Information

To sell tickets through Tufts Tickets at the Information Booth and/or online, please submit the your JumboLife Event Registration Form to the OCL at least 5 business days in advance of the ticket sales start date for approval, scheduling, and pricing. Contracts submitted late will be subject to a late fee and are subject to approval.

  • Do not advertise that tickets will be on sale until you have filled out your Tufts Tickets contract. If you are submitting a late contract, contact after you submit your contract.
  • Tickets will go on sale at the Information Booth and online on the start date (cannot start on a weekend or holiday) and be removed on the stop date on the contract or date of the event.
  • The Office for Campus Life is not responsible for discrepancies in ticket amounts if anyone changes the amount of tickets to be sold from the tickets after the initial contract.
  • OCL will verify sales and calculate the proceeds for the group minus the sales fee. All proceeds will be transferred to the organization’s account by internal transfer.
  • Tufts Tickets accepts cash and JumboCash at the Information Booth and credit card online. Other methods of payment are not accepted.
  • The Office for Campus Life reserves the right to reject requests for ticket sales or can stop selling tickets for an event at any time.
  • Departments/offices may sell tickets through the Tufts Ticket system by contacting for more information, and paying applicable fees, as assessed by the Office for Campus Life.

Any questions can be emailed to with “Tufts Ticket Contract” in the subject line.


  • Ticket sales are $25 per event/day
  • Late fees will be assessed by the Office for Campus Life
  • Batch tickets $50
  • Convenience Fees for online sales: $1.50 per cost transaction, higher for higher ticket prices assessed by the Office for Campus Life
  • *Note that the convenience fee pays for credit card transaction and is not revenue to either the Office for Campus Life or organization selling tickets.